Colophon: what is the machinery behind this?

I built this site with django (completely overkill I know), tailwind css and htmx. The blog was built using coltrane, a django based content site framework. The app is deployed on a linode vps and managed with caprover. The source code of this app is available on github.

I didn't design this site myself from scratch, here is a non-exhaustive list of projects I was inspired by:

I made the favicon I'm using from Flaticon - Spooky icons created by muhammad atho'

This is my second attempt at this, the previous version was also built with django and the source code is also available on github.

There are probably thousands of better ways to build this and if you are trying to build something like this for yourself, I would suggest HTML, CSS and vanilla javascript for something so simple or a static site generator like Pelican. You can also use coltrane as a static site generator.

Thanks to all of these technologies for making my personal site / blog possible!