A big list grid of things I’ve made.

This is my project archive. All the projects that end up on this list are projects that I consider important to me in one way or another, projects that have taught me something. Some of them are open-source, so if you see something that piques your interest, check out the code and if you have a suggestion on how it can be improved, open a github issue or better yet, a pull request if you feel like it. Projects without links are proprietary or/and abandoned.

Open Source Python


Enhance your Django developer experience: CLI and Guides for the Modern Developer.

Open Source python


A Cookiecutter template for fastapi projects, inspired by cookiecutter-django. My first experience trying to build a cookiecutter, one of the most boring things I've worked on.

Open Source Python


Render ODT files using Jinja2 or the Django templates Language, with support for converting documents to PDF via the LibreOffice CLI.

Visit on: github.com
Open Source Coltrane


A registry of htmx extensions, both official and third-party.

Open Source Litestar


Automatic browser reload plugin for Litestar, designed for development use.

Visit on: github.com
Open Source Python


A handy cart manager for django projects. This package can be used for more than just e-commerce, it works for anything that involves a shopping cart mechanism, not just shopping carts.

Open Source Litestar


Provides a CLI plugin for Litestar to use Tailwind CSS via the Tailwind CLI.

Visit on: github.com
Open Source Django


Leerming is an open-source Django-based web app that follows the Leitner box method. Create flashcards effortlessly from PDFs, videos, and web links. Supercharge your learning experience.

Visit on: leerming.com
Open Source Starlette


Originally designed for Django, now a simple, standalone Server-Sent Events relay service, ideal for Django projects seeking straightforward real-time capabilities without the need for Daphne and async Django setup.

Open Source Coltrane

Personal Website v2

My personal website, the site you are currently on. It's a static site build using coltrane, a django based static site generator.

Visit on: oluwatobi.dev
Open Source Python


This is my first python package and it gave me a taste of how the python package ecosystem works. It is a simple python wrapper around a payment API of a local business.

Open Source Python


A cli tool to bootstrap your django projects and enhance your development experience.

Open Source Django

Personal website

The previous version of the site you are currently on. It's a portfolio to showcase my work and also a blog where I can keep a recipe/tutorial on the things I'm learning, it's my way of learning in public.

Visit on: oluwatobi.dev
E-DEV Django


A SAAS platform for managing emailing and sms campaigns. It provides an integrated editor (TinyMCE) and a dashboard for campaign tracking. The emails were managed with amazon SES. The project involved a lot of data processing / cleaning of CSV and Excel files since users could import their contact list.

E-DEV Django

Facture Express

Online service for the payment of household bills, rent, water, electricity, etc. The service has been suspended in favor of the official service built by our government.

E-DEV Django


A multi tenant customer relationship management (CRM) and accounting system for small to medium-sized businesses. Tenants are managed via postgres schemas.

Visit on: EdevTech/izimanage
FemyBienEtre Django


An e-commerce platform for the sale of health care products, soaps, candles and ointments. This project is still a work in progress.

Visit on: Tobi-De/fwellbeing
Open Source Django


My first attempt at building a personal website and also my first experience with the django rest framework (DRF) and docker (via Caprover) . Frustrated by the design, I threw the project away less than a month after putting it online.

Open Source FastAPI


A simple API that allows you to save and query your projects. An experiment to try out deta.sh.

Open Source Python


The official python sdk for the smsdop API. Easily send single or batch sms via python objects.

Open Source Typer


A CLI program to automate postgresql database backups. For the moment, this project is suspended since I mainly use django-dbbackup from the jazzband team.



A json based API to send sms campaigns. My first production fastapi application. The project was merged with Bepaid as a secondary service.

Visit on: EdevTech/smsdrop
Open Source Python


Tortoise orm database adapter for fastapi-users v10 and above. Tortoise ORM is the best ORM I've found outside the django world and fastapi-users the best authentication system for fastapi.